This is a test post.  Late last night, news of the 24 Hour Stamp Sale was released by Stampin’ Up!.  I wrote a blog post at midnight and scheduled it for six o’clock this morning so you’d receive the news first thing this morning.  I’m signed up to receive email updates of all my posts and I didn’t receive one this morning nor did I receive one several days ago when I also scheduled it.  Until I can figure out this glitch, I won’t be scheduling my posts ahead of time.

The 24-Hour Stamp Sale, which starts tomorrow, is just to good to miss so I’m reposting for those that do receive email updates from me (hopefully this will be coming through to you)! You can read about all the details in my previous post or click here! If you’d like to see all the sets available in a PDF, click here. There are 30 different stamp sets on sale to celebrate the 30th birthday of Stampin’ Up! 




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