Ok, I will admit it.  I LOVE pens.  Always have and always will. I have more pens than I would need in three lifetimes but does that stop me from buying more?  Umm . . . . . no!  My husband travels a lot and he always brings new pens home for me.  He knows that a new pen will bring a smile to my face.  I love paper too and he brings me notepads, but that is for another day.  🙂

That brings me to my newest pen find – Project Life by Stampin’ Up! journaling pens!!!  I’ve been working on a Project Life scrapbook and bought these to do my journaling.  Well, they aren’t just for scrapbooks!  I’ve starting using them for writing inside cards, in my note-taking journal . . . .  They come in two widths, but both are fine tip.

Journaling pensTrust me, if you are a pen lover, like me, you will love these pens!!

Thank you for stopping by!  Enjoy the long weekend!


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