Easy Tricks for Cutting Out Intricate Dies

If you follow my blog, you know that I love my Big Shot die-cutting machine and use it ALL. THE. TIME.  You can do so much with it! 

It embosses, cuts out letters, numbers, shapes, words, banners, and so much more.  I used to shy away from purchasing intricate dies because they were a great big pain to use.  Trying to get all of the little pieces to release from the die was almost impossible. Now with several tools, it’s easy! 

One problem that exists though, is keeping all of those itty bitty pieces from making a mess of your craft table and floor.  Easy solution!  Contain it all in a box!

One of the really useful tools for releasing the small pieces from the die, is the die brush pictured in my box (when purchased, you receive the die brush and foam pad) and I keep it inside my box.  Once I cut out a shape, I bring it over to this box, place it on top of the foam and roll the brush all over it.  The pieces easily release and stay in the box! 

Another Stampin’ Up! product I also use to cut out the intricate dies is the Precision Base Plate.   Click here to head over to my Stampin’ Up! online store where you’ll find information about the plate and a video! 

I hope this tip has been helpful! You’ll spend less time cleaning all of those intricate pieces off the floor and more time crafting!

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Big Shot


Have a great day!