Love Today Planner Kit by Stampin’ Up!

Just as many of you did, I placed a Stampin’ Up! order on June 1st.  It arrived late Tuesday afternoon right as I was getting ready to make dinner so I had to wait until after dinner before I could slowly take everything out. So. Much. Fun!!!!!!

As soon as I saw the Stampin’ Up! planner in the new catalog, I knew that it would be on my first order (see it right there at the top of the box?).   I starting putting it together Tuesday night and what’s nice is that I can use it NOW because all of the pages are undated.  

The paper is nice and thick, a feature that I am very happy about. Besides loving planners, I also love pens so that means that the ink won’t show through as it would with thin paper.

There are many little extras in the kit such as three small sized sticky notes, pocket pages for notes or receipts, stickers, 4 photo protector pages so you can add some cute pictures of your family, quotes, etc. and so much more!

The video below will allow you to see all of the features of this brand new planner from Stampin’ Up! Click the video and you’ll be taken to the Stampin’ Up! YouTube channel.  As soon as you arrive there, the video will begin.  

Ready to order your very own Love Today Planner? Just click here and you’ll head over to my Stampin’ Up! online store. Don’t forget to use the hostess code for June and receive a gift from me! Any questions?  Please ask! 

June Hostess Code:  2N7YSBEM