Party Popper

Party Popper

Party Poppers with candy

Hi Friends!

I’m back to share the directions for the Popper that I posted several days ago!  It is fairly easy to make but it can be confusing with all of the steps.  I’ve created a picture tutorial and I hope that if you decide to make one, it will be helpful!

To start out, you’ll need paper and an Envelope Punch Board.  You’ll need paper measuring 4-1/2″ x 6″. If you have a specific design on the paper that you want to be right-side up, such as my paper below, make sure that the design is going the correct way on the long side (hope that makes sense).

You’ll score it on the portrait side at 1″, 2″, 3″ and 4″.

Popper scoring

Fold on all of the score lines.  Then, notice that one end of the paper has a larger section than the other.  Take the bigger end and place it at the 1″ mark on your Envelope Punch Board.

Popper step 2

Punch.  (Push that large “button” down.)

Popper step 3

This is what your paper will look like when you remove it.

Popper #4

Now flip your paper over and do the same thing to the other side at the 1″ mark.  You will always punch on the 1″ mark.

Popper 5

Your paper should look like this.

Popper 6

The next step is to fold the paper on the first score line.

popper 7

Punch and then turn your paper over and do it again on the other side.

Popper 8

Here’s what it should now look like.

Popper 9

Continue to fold your paper down and punch on both sides but STOP when you get to the last one (the small section at the bottom). (oops, not sure why this picture didn’t get rotated in the editing process!)


Add Tear and Tape (a strong adhesive) on the inside flap of that last section.

Popper 12

Now, fold that piece over just like you did the others, place it in the punch board, again at the 1″ mark, and punch on both sides.

The next step will be to remove the tape and bring the bottom piece up to the fold where the tape is.

Popper 14 jpg

Fold the top piece over and press down to get a good seal.

Popper closed last step

Squeeze one end and close it up with Baker’s Twine or ribbon.   Add a goodie (I was able to fit 3 Dove chocolates) to the inside and do the same thing to the other end (see the original photo at the top of the post).

Popper 16

Popper 17

If you have any questions, let me know!  If you make any poppers, I would love to see what you’ve created!

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