When online orders are placed, a customer is given the option of selecting a “No Contact” box.   This means that Stampin’ Up! does not have permission to pass their contact information on to me.  I completely respect anyone’s wish to do this but it makes me sad because I have no way of saying thank you.  After I receive an order, I send a thank you via email and then send a thank you package via snail mail. I also send free catalogs to anyone who orders from me and I have other perks as well because I’m very appreciative of all orders I receive. 

I received an order this morning and the customer selected the “No Contact” box. Because the host code was used I’m not sure if the No Contact box was checked off in error.  If this was your order and you didn’t mean to check the box or it was unclear what it meant, please email me at tracy@stampingwithtracy.com and include a list of several of the items you purchased so I can send you some happy mail!

As I said earlier, I respect a customers right to check off No Contact, but in case it was done in error this morning, I wanted to reach out. 

Thank you for your support of my Stampin’ Up! business!