Each year Stampin’ Up! has a new theme and a video/song to accompany it which they show at Convention.  The theme this year is “i am.” and in the video you can see Stampin’ Up! employees at the home office lip syncing the song.  Shelli Gardner, the co-founder, is also in the video.  She is in the section where you see three women wearing shirts made from Stampin’ Up! material.  The material is also behind them.  Shelli is right after them.  The cool thing is that we were watching the video at convention and then at the end some of the dancers and the singer came on the stage which was a surprise.  You can see this in the video.  They will pan the audience and you can “see” thousands of demonstrators, one of which was me!   This song is in my head – I am singing it constantly.  As you watch it, think how you would answer the question,  ” I am __________.”

I can’t wait to go to Convention next year.  It will mark the 25th anniversary of Stampin’ Up!  Join SU! and we can go to Convention together!  If you would like more info, please email me!

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