Blog Hop

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow I will be participating in a blog hop so please stop by!

I hope you had an enjoyable Valentine’s Day!  My husband and I went out to dinner earlier in the week to celebrate because we both hate the crowds.  We had a nice day yesterday babysitting our granddaughter, Audrey.  We were with her all day and then her daddy picked her up and took her out to dinner (our daughter, Erin, had to work). We took a picture of the two of them as they headed out to eat.

A & T

Wondering what Audrey has around her neck?  She is obsessed with wearing her rabbit ears.  She also has black cat ears and she wears both at the same time, usually.  She goes to bed wearing them.  When she sleeps at our house, I go back in later and take them off.  In the morning she finds them in the crib and puts them right back on.  So sweet.

Have a wonderful Sunday!  Hope to see you tomorrow!