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Last week I starting writing this post on the Layering Circles Framelits and yesterday the Layering Ovals Framelits went on sale for 25% off the regular price (this price is good until Wednesday, September 21st).   The information in my post can also apply to the Ovals Framelits, which are at such a great price!


I will be always be honest with you and with that being said, I’ll mention that I was very disappointed that so many of our punches retired last spring.  I’m still disappointed.  Many of the ones that I’ve used for years, such as the Scallop Oval and Small Oval punch have retired.  In June, four different sets of Framelits for the Big Shot debuted in the Annual Catalog and they were intended to take the place of many retired punches.

I love my Big Shot and use it every single time I’m in my craft room but I find it easier to stay seated while I’m crafting and just grab punches.  I find that I’m jumping out of my seat more often, but, maybe that’s a good thing!  You can’t deny that there are so many more layering options with these new Framelits and that is a definite plus. The set below comes with 16 dies!  I’m not sure I’d want to store that many punches!

Layering Circle Framelit Dies

I bought the Layering Circle Framelits (as well as the Layering Squares and Layering Ovals Framelits) when they first came out but I finally used the Circle Framelits just a few weeks ago.  Why?  They were a bit intimidating!  So many pieces, which ones layer with which . . . . . I just kept avoiding using them.

So, I came up with several ideas to make using them a breeze. As you can see below, I numbered the circles 1-8 and the scallops 1-8.  I keep track of the measurements I use on all of my projects and this will make it so much easier to recreate them if I can just refer to the numbers I used.

Layering Circles

Scalloped Circles

There’s one thing though that I wish I had done differently. In my head I thought that as long as they were numbered, it would be fine but I wish I had laid them all out in front of me from largest to smallest and THEN numbered them.

Next, I cut all of the pieces out using two different colors, one for the scallops and the other for the circles and I numbered each one according to how I numbered them above.  Then I placed them on two different rings.  I have the sizes in sequential order on the rings but the numbers are not in order.  It really isn’t a big deal, but I would have preferred that they be in order.


Now it will be easy to see which pieces layer together! The rings kind of get in the way with the smaller circles and scallops but I think it will work.  And I imagine that the more I work with them, it will become second nature as to which ones I need.



I hope this has helped you out if you’ve purchased any of the new Framelits or if you are considering this purchase.  We have four different layering options and I’ll list all of those sets below.  Remember, the Ovals are on sale but the sale price isn’t reflected in the product list below.  If you click on it, you’ll be taken to my online store and you’ll see the sale price there (until September 21st)!

Product List


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