Its time for my next installment of Spotlight on Tools!  This week it’s Blender Pens (#102845 $9.95).  Blender pens combine the flexibility of watercolors with the convenience of markers. It’s easy to achieve a beautiful watercolor effect using blender pens with just about any color source. The tip cleans off with just a stroke or two on scratch paper. One pen is all you need for all of your colors!

I use blender pens whenever I’m coloring in a stamped image.  You simply pick up color with it and it helps to soften and blend the color.  As you know, our pencils and watercolor crayons are being discontinued but I know that many of you have them already but you can also use reinkers.  Here are several ways to use the pens: 

1.  Directly color your image with the crayons or pencils and then pull the color around.  
2.  Take your blender pen directly to the crayon.
3.  Color on a piece of scratch paper, pick up the color with your pen and then to your stamped image.
4.  Put a few drops of reinker in your stamp pad lid and pick up small amounts of the color to your stamped image.

They are a great tool to have in your stamping toolbox!!