Welcome to Tool Time Tuesday! It’s that time of the week when I choose a tool in the Stampin’ Up! catalog to spotlight. This week’s tool is a must for every cardmaker – a bone folder! 

When you create a card for someone, you want it to look its best and a bone folder will give your folds a crisp, clean look.  If you’ve ever tried to fold card stock without one, as I’ve done on occasion when I’m not sure where I set my bone folder down, the fold looks cracked.  I prefer attention to the front of my card, not on a fold that doesn’t look quite right. 

One end of the bone folder is pointed and it can also be used in the groove of a paper cutter or scoring tool to score your card stock (another option for scoring is to use the Stampin’ Trimmer which comes with a scoring blade).  Once you’ve created the score line, it’s easy to fold the cardstock. Use the flat edge of the bone folder to press down on the fold and achieve that crisp look! 

Our linen thread is wrapped around a piece of cardboard in its packaging and sometimes there are kinks in the thread.  Placing the bone folder against the thread, pull the bone folder towards you to straighten the thread out.  (I did just that on the project I’ll be sharing tomorrow).  When punching leaves or flowers out of cardstock, you can do this same thing with the bone folder.  It will break down the fibers making the paper curl.  

I think most stampers will agree that they’d be lost without a bone folder!  

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Have a terrific day!