I’m starting a new series called Tool Time Tuesday! The Stampin’ Up! catalog is filled with so many wonderful products that I thought I’d highlight a different one each Tuesday.  If there’s a product that you’ve had questions about, please email me and I’ll highlight it in an upcoming post of Tool Time Tuesday!

If you follow me, you know I love my Big Shot and use it for almost every project I make.  Another tool that I use daily is the Paper Piercing Tool!

When I first became a demonstrator this tool was primarily meant to be used to poke holes in paper to create patterns and you were able to purchase plastic templates to do just that.  We know longer carry those templates but I would be lost without my paper-piercing tool!  I use it to pick up rhinestones, pearls, enamel shapes and glitter enamel dots and then place them on my card stock. Trying to pick them off the paper they come on with your finger can be very frustrating.  Slipping the sharp pointed end under the jewel and bringing it to your paper couldn’t be easier with this tool.  

I also use it to remove glue dots from the roll they come on.  Again, so easy to slip the tool under the glue dot and onto your paper! Sometimes when using your finger to release it, by the time you bring it to your paper it’s gone!  Has that ever happened to you?  You can’t figure out where it went until you find it stuck to your elbow, arm . . . . . of course I know this from personal experience!

Another product it works wonders with is Tear and Tape.  I can’t even imagine trying to release that paper from the glue strip with my nails.  It’s something that can definitely be done but it is oh so easy with this wonderful tool.  It kind of reminds me of trying to get one of those plastic bags in the produce department open.  It can be so darn time consuming! I wish there was a tool to open those!  Ha, ha!

The paper piercer also helps with releasing all of the paper from your Big Shot dies.  Thankfully there are now tools such as the Die Brush & the Precision Base Plate that help to release much of the paper out of the dies but there are always a few that need a little encouragement to come out and the paper-piercing tool is perfect for the job!

A companion piece to the paper-piercer is the Stampin’ Pierce Mat.  I find that I don’t really use the mat & piercer together very often these days.  The mat is terrific though to use as a surface to stamp on when using photopolymer stamps.  Sometimes it can be difficult to get nice coverage with photopolymer, but the mat helps to get better ink coverage on your card stock.  

As you can see, the Paper-Piercing tool is a must have in your craft room! I hope you’ll join me next Tuesday for another Tool Time Tuesday!

If you’d like to purchase any of the items I referred to into today’s post, simply click on the product below and you’ll head over to my Stampin’ Up! online store! 

Glue Dots