Happy Sunday!

This week my husband and I celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary.  For the first time in a long time, we went out of town to celebrate.  When I taught elementary school for years, school started at the end of July, so going away in early August was never an option.  But this year nothing was stopping us and we headed to Las Vegas. We had a great time!

My husband doesn’t care for Las Vegas but I convinced him we’d have a good time at the Wynn and we did! My daughter, Jenny, and I have gone there before and loved it and I knew Mark would too.  The hotel is so nice and so big that you could just stay there without venturing out onto the Las Vegas strip. We relaxed by the pool, had a few drinks, went to a show and ate (we especially enjoyed our Eggs Benedict)!

I like to play on the slot machines but Mark doesn’t so he worked out while I walked the casino from machine to machine.  That’s still a workout, right?  That’s what my Fitbit said!  🙂

Getting back to real life is always difficult especially figuring out what to have for dinner the day you get back. But that makes these trips even more special.

Where have you gone recently (or would like to go) to relax, unwind, or celebrate a special event?